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The Church is Full of Hypocrites!

Are Miracles Hoaxes?

Why Would God Punish Jesus for My Sins?

Is Jesus God?

What’s the Point of Going to Church?

Which Bible Translation is Best?

Should We Cancel the Classics?

Should Christians Follow the News?

Definitions Matter: Rights

Definitions Matter: Tolerance

Definitions Matter: Truth

Definitions Matter: Freedom

Is Capitalism All About Greed?

Should We Try to Erase Economic Inequality?

Capitalism Only Benefits the Rich?

Socialism is the Answer

Jesus Was a Socialist

Do Children’s Rights Override Parental Rights?

Happily Divorced vs. Unhappily Married – Which is Better for Kids?

Modern Family: Are the Kids Really Fine?

Are Women More Important for Business Than Family?

Surrogacy Is Just Like Adoption

Doesn’t Love Make a Family?

Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

Doesn’t Religious Liberty Protect Extremists?

Is Religious Freedom Just a Way to Protect Privilege?

Does Advocating for Religious Liberty Hurt Our Christian Witness?

Don’t Impose Your Religious Beliefs on Me

Is Religious Freedom an Excuse for Discrimination?

Is the Resurrection Based on Pagan Myths?

Did Jesus Really Exist?

Who Was Saint Valentine?

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

Are We Morally Better Than Our Ancestors?

What About Old Testament Genocide?

How to Have a Conversation: Difficult Circumstances

How to Have a Conversation: Weak Arguments

How to Have a Conversation: When Under Pressure

How to Have a Conversation: Engaging Controversial Topics

How to Have a Conversation: Basic Principles

Are We All Racist?

Is America a Racist Country?

Should Christians Support Black Lives Matter?

Is Critical Theory Practical?

Is Critical Theory Biblical?

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?

Is Being Gay Genetic?

Is Transgenderism Logical?

You Can’t Be Gay If Gender Is Invisible

Intersex People Prove There Are More Than Two Genders

Christians are Morally Required to Bake Cakes for Same-Sex Weddings

It’s Fair for Boys to Play Girls Sports If They Say They’re Girls

Biden Agrees Abortion Kills a Child

Choice, Personhood, and Back-Alley Abortions: Common Objections to the Pro-Life Position

Make the Pro-Life Case in 60 Seconds

Late Term Abortion – Helping Women?

I Don’t Like Abortion, but Should it be Illegal?

Assisted Suicide is Compassionate

Another Weak Link in Evolutionary Theory

Happiness Isn’t Wanting Less

What is Travel Good For?

Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

Quantum Theory and Theology

Teens are NOT All Right

Quick Take: The NCAA and Transgender Athletes

Another Weak Link in Evolutionary Theory

Quantum Theory and Theology

Should We Edit Our Genes?

Does Technology Make Religion Obsolete?

Save the Planet. Don’t Have Kids.

Should We Panic About Overpopulation?

Should We Care What Consenting Adults Do in Private?

Why Does God Care About Who I Sleep With?

Why Do Christians Care So Much About Sex?

Porn is Victimless?

Porn Improves Relationships

Pornography is Just Entertainment

Abortion Supporters Discuss Abortion (Kind Of)

The Worst Thing About Abortion

Are Women More Important for Business Than Family?

How Does the Women’s March Define What a Woman Is?

Are Reproductive Technologies a Good Way to Help People Have Babies?

Surrogacy Is Just Like Adoption

Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

Quantum Theory and Theology

Bringing the Generations Together Through Prayer

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Identifying Misinformation

Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

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