Is the Resurrection Based on Pagan Myths?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “The idea that Jesus rose from the dead was borrowed from pagan myths.” What would you say? The next time someone says that the idea that Jesus rose from the dead was borrowed from pagan myths, here are 3 things to remember: First, just because some stories are

Did Jesus Really Exist?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “No one even knows if Jesus even existed.” What would you say? While some skeptics on the internet often contend that Jesus never existed, no serious scholar does. In fact, virtually every scholar of history, including those who aren’t Christians, believe that Jesus of Nazareth existed and that

Who Was Saint Valentine?

You’re in a conversation and someone asks, “Where did Valentine’s Day come from?” What would you say? Every 14th of February we celebrate Valentine’s Day by exchanging cards, going out for candlelit dinners, and sharing special moments. Though the holiday is now primarily focused on romantic love, it originated as a feast day for a

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Christmas is a pagan holiday, so Christians shouldn’t celebrate it.” What would you say? Perhaps you’ve heard a skeptic or maybe even a Christian claim that Christmas, including decorated trees, gifts, the date of December 25 and even the idea of a virgin birth are actually just leftovers

Are We Morally Better Than Our Ancestors?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “It’s the 2020s! Your beliefs are outdated and belong in the past. You’re on the wrong side of history.” What would you say? History is not a moral judge, ensuring that justice progresses from one generation to the next. In fact, anyone who thinks they are morally superior

What About Old Testament Genocide?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “If God is so good, how could he command genocide in the Old Testament?” What would you say? In Old Testament passages such as Deuteronomy 7, God commands the Israelites not only to drive out the people who lived in the land of Canaan, known as the Canaanites,

Do the Crusades Prove That Christianity Is a Violent Religion?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “The Crusades prove that Christianity is actually a violent religion.” What would you say? Even though the Crusades happened over 800 years ago, they’re often used as an objection to Christianity. However, the people who use the Crusades as an argument against Christianity often don’t know what actually

Does the Bible Endorse Slavery?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “The Bible endorses slavery. If it’s wrong about slavery, it’s probably wrong about other things too.” What would you say? It’s true that the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, talks about slavery. But does this mean that the slave trade that is such a shameful

God Didn’t Punish Sodom and Gomorrah for Homosexuality

You’re in a conversation about the Bible and homosexuality and someone says to you “God didn’t punish Sodom and Gomorrah for homosexuality, he punished them for inhospitality, promiscuity, and sexual violence.” What would you say? In the book of Genesis, God sent angels in the form of men to visit the town of Sodom in

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