Childlike Faith in Practical Politics

  Can we stand for truth without becoming jaded?     G.K. Chesterton, in his 1908 book Orthodoxy, describes how when he was a boy, many told him that his ideals would eventually “break up like clouds” and that he’d be forced to put his real faith in simple, practical politics.   Is this true,

Quantum Theory and Theology

  Quantum theory boggles the mind.     As science journalist John Horgan writes, quantum theory is “science’s most precise, powerful theory of reality…. The trouble is physicists and philosophers disagree over what it means.”   As C.S. Lewis wrote back in 1952, if Christianity is true, it would be “at least as difficult as

Bringing the Generations Together Through Prayer

  I’m often asked by Christians who, like me, are troubled by the state of our culture. “Isn’t there anything we can do? Other than prayer, of course…”   What Christians need to know is that praying is doing something. And it’s often the one thing we know we can do, but don’t.   Not

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  Help What Would You Say and be entered in a drawing for a bundle of books!   “What Would You Say” is collecting information on how to improve as we look forward to a new season. Everyone that fills out the survey can enter into a drawing for a bundle of Colson Center products.

Identifying Misinformation

  You’re scrolling through social media and someone shares a post that doesn’t sound quite right. Is it true, or is it another case of misinformation on the Internet?   What would you say?   Misinformation has always been around, but it’s even more of a challenge now that so much of our lives are

2020 Rewind

Check out some of our favorite What Would You Say? videos from 2020! If Conversion Therapy Is Bad, Why Is Sex Reassignment Good? Is Being Gay Genetic? Pornography is Just Entertainment? How Does the Women’s March Define What a Woman Is? Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday? Is Critical Theory Biblical?    

Happy Thanksgiving from What Would You Say

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