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Are We Morally Better Than Our Ancestors?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “It’s the 2020s! Your beliefs are outdated and belong in the past. You’re on the wrong side of history.” What would you say? History is not a moral judge, ensuring that justice progresses from one generation to the next. In fact, anyone who thinks they are morally superior

Is Hell Real?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “I don’t believe a loving God would send anyone to Hell. He wouldn’t even allow a place like that to exist.” What would you say?   It’s easier to believe in things like Heaven, redemption, and eternal joy with God – you know, the things we want to

What About Old Testament Genocide?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “If God is so good, how could he command genocide in the Old Testament?” What would you say? In Old Testament passages such as Deuteronomy 7, God commands the Israelites not only to drive out the people who lived in the land of Canaan, known as the Canaanites,

Should We Try to Erase Economic Inequality?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “In America, the richest 1% have 40% of all the wealth. This kind of inequality shouldn’t be tolerated.” What would you say? The wealth gap between the upper class and everyone else is almost always framed in terms of inequality and fairness. But that doesn’t present the whole

Make the Pro-Life Case in 60 Seconds

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Pro-lifers just want to force their religious views on everyone else. They don’t really have a good reason to oppose abortion.” What would you say? Dismissing opposition to abortion as religious ideology is intellectually lazy. There are rational arguments against abortion, and those who oppose abortion make them

My Vote Won’t Make a Difference

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “My vote doesn’t make a difference, so I’m not voting.” What would you say? 137 million people voted in the 2016 election. That’s a lot of people. One vote, out of 137 million, doesn’t seem likely to make a difference, does it? But is that a good reason

Why Vote?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Why vote? Politics are ugly, and God is sovereign no matter who is in office.” What would you say? It’s true that God is always in charge. Scripture is clear that nothing can ultimately derail God’s plan. But does that mean we don’t need to care about what

Late Term Abortion – Helping Women?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “Late-term abortions are rare and only done when the mother’s life is at risk. If we limit late-term abortions, we’ll only be hurting women.   What would you say?   Abortion-advocacy groups often claim that late-term abortions are exceedingly rare. In fact, since 91 percent of all abortions

I Don’t Like Abortion, but Should it be Illegal?

You’re in a conversation and someone says, “I don’t like abortion but I don’t think we should make it illegal. We shouldn’t use the federal government to impose our beliefs on others.” What would you say? Many people say they don’t “like” abortion, but they don’t think it should be illegal. It’s important to realize

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