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The Worst Thing About Abortion

Joseph Backholm went to the March for Life in Washington D.C. to interview marchers attending the event. In this video he asks marchers, “What is the worst thing about abortion?”

Does Rape Justify Abortion?

You’re in a conversation about abortion and someone says “abortion should be legal because a woman should never be forced to carry the child of her rapist.” What would you say? Let’s be clear. Rape is awful. Rape is evil. Those who commit rape deserve to be punished. Victims of rape deserve compassion and care.

Does a Preborn Child Have a Right to Their Mother’s Body?

Does a pre-born child have a right to their mother’s body? What would you say? In this video, Stephanie Gray presents us with two reasons why this isn’t necessarily a good argument for the pro- choice movement. 1. The womb exists for the child more than for the mother. 2. The more vulnerable a child

Is an Embryo a Person?

When does life begin? Stephanie Gray, Director of Love Unleashes Life, presents us with three things to remember when talking about this question.

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